5 Reasons why celebrities won’t admit to getting plastic surgery done

So, why celebs do not own up to all the plastic surgery they had done?

Before I get started:

Meet the “Hollywood face”

Doutzen Kroes Dutch top model

For over 50 years, this is the face, that has been the status symbol of everyone who wants to make it as a celebrity the (All)American beauty ideal , this or that way. Of course, back in the old days, there were more limited resources for somebody to change their features, therefore the stars of that era were mainly using make up, peroxide and advanced dentistry to change their features.

Today, this is still the look millions of women want to become. Celebrities of this age would still long to get this particular look and those, closest to this standard with their natural features would become stars sooner or later, when they would be using further plastic surgery to adjust their look to this standard even more. This is the standard which makes millions of dollars for plastic surgeons all over the world and this is the standard responsible for non-Caucasian women wanting to become as close to looking Caucasian as possible. This is also why, Swedish, Russian, Northern and (North)Eastern European women so often become top models, as they are the closest to this beauty standard so notorious all over the world. And don’t let race consciousness fool you: if you check specifically, also non-Caucasian women do promptly follow this standard with the help of careful adjustments to their non-Caucasian features, to finely conform this standard.

Last but not least, this is the million-dollar look which helps women catch millionaires.

So, why do celebs lie about their plastic surgery?

And why media generally applies the “glow-up” expression as an umbrella term of somebody probably getting all sorts of facial procedures to look better, younger, fresher, etc.

I keep seeing more and more channels coming out with all the stars and enlisting all the „works” they had done ( only possibly, as the celebs would not own up to these plastic surgeries, fillers, implants and other things)  and the question which is being raised by readers is „Why can’t they just admit”?  This is why, I thought to finally provide some well thought and logical explanations for everyone who may be wondering why still the majority of celebs vehemently deny any plastic surgery procedures + other facial procedures done to them.

1. A lie becomes real only when it’s admitted to ( said out loud)

When you suspect a lie is a far cry from a lie, that by being admitted to by the lying party , it suddenly becomes real. How many fans would one celeb lose, if they admitted to plastic surgery procedures? There are still many people who are anti plastic surgery out there. If one would admit to plastic surgery, they would risk lots of earlier fans go after them and attack them. Celebs may even get sued for putting on the wrong impression, especially after millions of people trying to look like them.

2. Losing out on jobs and any related endorsements
Estée Lauder’s newest Indian ambassador Diana Penty who only looks remotely Indian

Celebrities, no matter they are working as models, Instagram stars, Youtubers or actresses largely thank their careers to their looks. The better one looks the more money and fame is on the way, not to mention a good marriage and further networking possibilities out there.

We all know Kim K had her butt done ( so long for all the 3 Kardashian Miami seasons as Miami is the headquarters of butt implants, especially through fat harvesting)  but if it would become official, how many people, who took part in buying her shapewear or exercising aggressively to achieve that butt, would feel let down? People do look at officially altered beauty differently than they do on all that’s not revealed to be altered.

Lot of celebrities take part in and earn tons of money in advertising beauty related products, especially cosmetic products, by saying how much it worked for them. And tons of big cosmetic companies use celebrities to advertise their products ( calling them ambassadors). These include L’oreal, Estée Lauder, MAC, Lancome just to mention a few names. If celebrities would admit to getting facial treatments, including fillers, facelift, implants, other modifications, they would instantly lose their credibility and this way, they would lose out on these deals many of which are literally paying millions of dollars to them. I’m also confident that celebs are contractually obliged not to own up to getting any fillers, plastic surgery procedures for the above mentioned reasons. Who would buy those products if they are advertised by somebody who admittedly did not achieve youth, clear, beautiful, wrinklefree skin though the use of the product they advertise? Yup, not many.

3. Losing out on the chance to make their own cosmetic brand
Jennifer Lopez and her own brand promising anti-aging miracles through the use of olive oil

Same goes for products which are founded by the celebrities. Jennifer Lopez over 50 without wrinkles swearing on her own product containing olive oil doing this miracle. And she is not alone. Last year at least 10 if not more celebrities launched their own brand. Kylie Jenner founded lip products and said they really enlarged her ( filler filled) lips. Millions do actually believe these celebs and go ahead and buy their products, especially those who are still teens.

Huda Kattan from Huda beauty has a totally changed face ( possibly from a full fledged total facelift and other jobs done) and she is very successful selling her own cosmetic products which are promising great results.

4. Losing out on the image and jobs
As a rule, in Hollywood you cannot have visible wrinkles unless you are over 80 years old

Celebs can make a great career if they don’t admit to plastic surgery procedures being done to them. They can make great careers as actresses or supermodels. Now in model world saying out loud that you had plastic surgery is a big no-no (unless you are a transgender which is pretty much the only case it’s accepted). In Asia, celebs are taken so seriously and so many girls want to copy them, that they are totally banned from admitting to have anything done, even if they visibly changed. Last but not least admitting to plastic surgery if you are no Michael Jackson is still regarded as something shameful, something that’s a taboo to say out loud. 

5. Last but not least: the ageism and audience expectations

Ageism is a thing, especially in celeb world where one should just not age, not have wrinkles and shouldn’t ever look over 40 unless their real age is over 60. Ageism especially targets women, who are forced to undergo filling and facelifts to hide their age this way. This type of plastic surgery is slightly different from the above categories, which primarily target the altering of looks but it is connected especially through cosmetic company deals, to actively promote anti-aging products, which is admittedly one of the highest grossing fields in cosmetics.

Thanks to Photoshop and filters still actively used in ads and in all the photo related apps and media celebrities do need to look great, perfect, fantastic, ageless at all times. Although this is an expectation they also help being put on themselves, it is still in there, if they don’t want media to release demeaining articles on how bad, old they look. And this goes, especially for women who are heavily affected by ageism and these expectations.

Both Heidi Klum and Jennifer Lopez are over 50: they are yet expected not to have any wrinkles

Women are still regarded differently, when it comes to getting plastic surgery. The harshest judges of theirs are other women. Women who admit to their plastic surgeries would be dealt with differently by everyone, especially social circles where these procedures do often happen yet they are never ever talked about.  Last but not least as a conclusion of this all, celebrs would lose out on the majority of endorsements, if they openly admitted to even as much as doing Botox or other fillers. Even the celeb women in Asia, Japan and South Korea, they are banned from exposing any surgeries ever done to them even when these are apparent and well visible.

All in all, these are the key reasons why celebs would not admit to plastic surgery and other tweakments being done to them.

Next time around I will discuss all the types of plastic surgeries and types of people, who go under the knife alongside their reasons of why they are doing so.  I hope you liked this post, if you did please like and share and comment.