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It took me years to finally start blogging over here and it took even more time for my blog to get a proper format. I originally started writing about Morocco only, but as time passed by, I’ve noticed the need to write about many more things and to discuss more topics too. Today, this is a blog where I share my opinion on fashion, style, social media and much more. Where I write about cultures, psychology, and things which keep my mind busy. I have started to share my social media findings in terms of the best quality YouTube channels especially if you are looking for quality content about fashion and lifestyle. I’d like to keep on searching for the best content out there and represent you with what’s really worth checking out. It makes me very happy to share my thoughts, ideas, and findings with all of you.

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My goals


  • To create dedicated content for the Muslimah, hijabi and Arabic readers in terms of fashion, makeup, and lifestyle. Although I also would like to focus on other topics too.
  • To share my tips and opinion on fashion and tons of stuff that comes to my mind. I am in the creation of home decor and interior design content and I would also like more dedicated content in the future.
  • I’m currently working on a comprehensive travel section that’d contain my travel  tips and travel guides alongside my most recent travel adventures.
  • To write about interesting things of all sorts, such as mysticism, religion, spiritualism, and mindfulness.
  • I also aim to share some psychological advice and more information on personality disorders.
  • I’m really into investigating old traditions, superstitions and legends and I would love to create more related content in the future.
  • To write about my best social media findings. Check out my Social Media Top 10 category to read more.
  • I’d like to create a dedicated website about Japan in the near future. My main goal is to write about interesting things not many bloggers before me have discussed before, let them be about traditions, spiritualism, legends, symbols and other weird things. I’m a big fan of Japan.
  • I’d also like to encourage everyone to visit my separate blogs dedicated to Morocco. If I can build proper support for my posts over here, I will be ready to import all my content on Moroccan Cuisine , Moroccan Travel and last but not least my blog about Moroccan Riads over here at WordPress.

And last but not least, my final goal is to always share entertaining and meaningful content with all of you, to help you learn about stuff which keeps me interested too.

Hope you will find my posts entertaining to read and please give me a follow, comment and let’s make this blog as interactive as possible! I thank all of you in advance. I also welcome all suggestions on topics I haven’t touched on before.

Check out my latest post on the nature and origins of magic and magical activities. It took me a very long time to put this together and I’m pretty proud of it.

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Wishing everyone a wonderful time here. Marhaba!