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I have finally managed to add an interactive Menu where you can browse my posts related to one or more key topics.


As soon as you click on one option a dropdown would appear, displaying my posts. Happy browsing!


It took me years to finally start blogging over here and it took even more time for my blog to get a proper format.

Today, this is a blog where I share my opinion on fashion, style, social media and much more. Where I write about cultures, psychology, and things which keep my mind busy. I have started to share my social media findings in terms of the best quality YouTube channels especially if you are looking for quality content about fashion and lifestyle. I’d like to keep on searching for the best content out there and represent you with what’s really worth checking out. It makes me very happy to share my thoughts, ideas, and findings with all of you.

If you want to check out my Morocco and travel related channels please visit:

Moroccan Cooking and Culture Channel

Moroccan Travel Channel and Riad Channel

Venice travel channel



Wishing everyone a wonderful time here. Marhaba!