In preparation for my separate blog called Japanology

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Only after making this menu after buying membership did I realize that I cannot really do all that much with my menu after all.

But let me say a few words about my blog in preparation, inlcude links to my present posts and also tell you a few words on my plans.

I love Japan and for many years I have been a huge fan, learning everything from martial arts to cultural aspects. As Japan will always be somewhat of an alien land for most people who are not Japanese I would like to give everyone more information on Japanese culture, subcultures, help you where you can find other interesting information about this magical country.

I also think that living somewhere and knowing it are two completely different things. I know of people who spent years in Japan yet still failed to learn, to get to know its culture, its habits, its history and learn about all the interesting things which one can find once one looks for it. I am aware that Japan is an especially hard target due to the language and cultural barriers. That’s also why I’d like to share some info that can be meant as insider info on a land which has so many secrets.

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I will carry on writing about Japan and will do my best to keep this page also updated.

I want to write about the weird effects of Manga, anime, the Otaku, the subcultures, the traditions and habits which are still kept and exercised, Japanese art and so much more.

In case you guys are interested and I have enough content I will start my Japanology Blog as a separate entity.